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  1. I Know Bikers


I Know Bikers by Don Haddock © 2013
Well I'm here to tell you boys I'm a lucky man
My baby girl's all grown up and she's my best friend
She earned herself a master's degree with a business plan
and not for lack of lookin never found the right man

But now she introduced me to the new man in her life
She said it's pretty serious and wants to be his wife
So when she left the room to help her mama fix some dinner
I took that opportunity to get to know him better.

He said he's got a steady job where most men fear to go..
He also worked as bouncer down in Buffalo
And he's proficient in some fancy kind of Ju-Jitsu ..
He's one of 5 brothers, so he learned to fight and chew.
So I thought for a moment what this ol' boy had said
And decidied to remind him who he's talkin to
In a way he'd never forget!! So I said:
Son, "I know Bikers"....

You may be six foot-three and look like Mr. Clean
But I tell you boy I don't mess around,
So don't put the test to me.
Cause If you hurt my little girl I'm comin after you..
and they're won't be parts bigger than a Spark
Once I'm through with you!.. and Oh, did I mention?...."
I Know Bikers"..
I guess I could tell him how I grew up hard and mean
That I learned to shoot ,fight and throw a knife
by the time I turned 14....
But I love my little girl more than I like breathin,
And I'd gladly give my life away, and by the way:
"Did I mention," I know Bikers"...
Think Chains and Beards and Guns and Knives, and "Tire Prints" on your face"
Think Fire and Smoke and "Ass Tatoos, and all kinds of social disgrace
And if you keep these images firmly planted on your brain
There shouldn't be anything else I need to say except....